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2007 MLB Final Rankings

After Round 209 – the conclusion of the Red Sox sweeping the Rockies, here is the final beatpath graph of the 2007 Major League Baseball Season. At the end of the regular season, the Beatpaths graph picked either the Red Sox or the Yankees to beat the Rockies in the World Series. The only thing […]

2007 MLB Playoffs, Rounds 199 and 200

No changes in the rankings or beatpath graph for the baseball games so far, through Sunday’s games. The Indians are still seen as inferior to both the Yankees and the Red Sox, but would still be favored over the Rockies in the World Series. Any baseball fans here with theories on why the Indians might […]

2007 MLB Playoffs, Round 197

This round includes the Indians’ elimination of the Yankees, and the Rockies’ game 1 win over the Diamondbacks. After the round, the beatpath graph and rankings are the same they were in Round 196. Indians over Yankees is seen as an upset. At this point, judging from the entire season so far, the Rockies are […]

2007 MLB Playoffs, Round 196

Through the games of Sat, Oct 6th, the rankings are still identical, with the following notes: Angels and Rockies are tied Blue Jays and nursing papers Padres are tied Giants and Braves are tied Cardinals and Brewers are tied White Sox and Orioles are tied Devil Rays and Royals are tied One other curiosity – […]

2007 MLB Playoffs, rounds 194 and 195

After the first day of the MLB playoffs, the power rankings were exactly the same, except that the Red Sox really are ranked #1 ahead of the Yankees, and the Diamondbacks really are ranked ahead of the Dodgers. The graph looks identical with the exception of the Red Sox developing a beatpath over the Angels. […]

2007 MLB Playoffs Beatpath Graph!

I was bored tonight so I plugged in the entire Major League Baseball season for 2007. I don’t follow baseball at all, so you baseball nuts will have to tell me how this looks. This is the season-ending beatpath graph and power rankings, using the same system I use for the NFL. It includes the […]