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NCAA Football 2005 Year End

We’ve got some miscellaneous information for the end of the college football season. First, here is the Top 40 Graph for the teams as they existed just before the bowl season. Sorry it’s not very legible, I ran into a width restriction, but you can basically make the names out. Remember that the teams that […]

NCAA Week 13 Top Forty

Lots of beatpaths news today. We found the new college football data, so we have the new Top Forty for Division 1-A. Again, the teams that are floating by themselves are the ones that have no beatpaths to anyone else in the Top Forty. They all have plenty of beatpaths to the other Division 1-A […]

NCAA 1-A Week 11 Beatpaths

All right, we have a quick look now at the college rankings for just the Division 1-A teams. This time I’m using the BCS as a tiebreaker for when teams’ BeatPower rankings are identical. Here’s the graph, just to get a general visual idea (sorry, it’s big enough that I had to shrink it down […]

Week 11 NCAA Beatpath Graph

Here’s the beatpath graph for all friggin’ 712 teams in NCAA college football (according to Massey) through 11/5/05. You have fun with that. Yeah, I know you can’t see a thing. It’s pretty damn funny in my opinion. Rest assured that USC and other teams you’d expect are near the top of the graph. The […]