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2011 NFL Season

Well, once again the season has snuck up on me, but that’s okay since the first two weeks of the season always lead to fairly boring graphs. And with the start of the season comes my call for volunteers! I should be able to post the weekly graphs, but there’s definitely room for more contributors. […]

New Look!

So we have a new look now. I had originally been using a wordpress theme that I kind of arbitrarily picked because it had some green grass on it, which reminded me of turf, even though I think it was originally intended to be something of a gardening theme. If anyone seriously misses that look&feel, […]

Beatpaths 2010 NFL Season

Thanks for the private notes. A symphony of events has conspired against me being at full capacity here in the early season. Sudden client work, recording studio dates, etc. In addition, I am moving several websites including beatpaths to a new and faster server. do my algebra homework Luckily, the week 1 beatpath graph is […]

Call For Volunteers

As part of the upcoming redesign for Beatpaths, I’m looking for people who might be interested in posting commentary on the actual front page of the site, as opposed to simply leaving comments. We’ve had a fair amount of interest here from people suggesting new methods, ways to rank the confidence of picks, etc. New […]

Salon’s Panel O’ Experts

The official announcement that Beatpaths is part of King Kaufman’s Panel O’ Experts this year… New to the Panel this year is Curt Siffert, proprietor of Beatpaths, a Web site that does something with math and charts that I’ve spent a good seven minutes trying to figure out over the last three years, without success. […]

Cable Packages

After getting jerked around one too many times by Comcast, I’m going to switch to something cooler. I’ve been getting by on expanded basic for too long. I do currently use Comcast for cable internet and might keep that, but my main question here is, what satellite service is best for the NFL? I’m so […]