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Open Thread

Any requests for new features to add to the site? Enhancements to the graph? Enhancements to the power rankings? What’s the next sport that should be added to the mix? Here’s the list of things I’m considering: Prettier graphs – I should be able to get anti-aliased graphs back into the picture. Interactive functionality. This […]

Other Sports

One of the most common questions I get is whether is also interested in attempting to rank teams from other sports. The answer is: Absolutely! I’m curious how it will work with college football, where there aren’t many shared opponents, and with basketball/baseball, where there are a ton of shared opponents. Will it be […]

King Kaufman writeup was written up in a hilarious King Kaufman article over at today. You have to watch an ad to read it (if you’re not a member), but here’s an excerpt: What’s a beatpath? Search me. Here’s the explanation: “If a team beats another team, who beats a third team, and it doesn’t become […]