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2010 NFL Week 13 Beatpath Graph

A more accurate week, and maybe it’s just me coming around to what beatpaths has been telling me, but this one is the first week where I felt like the upsets really were upsets. The rankings were 12-4 this week. Once again it’s SEA->CHI that is sticking out like a sore thumb. I haven’t taken […]

2010 NFL Week 12 Beatpaths Power Rankings

Hey folks! Some interesting moves up and down the rankings this week. Let’s get right to it! You can find the graph for this week’s rankings here. Rank Team Notes Last Week EdgePower 1 (Beat DET) Another week, another win, and the Patriots are on top once again. This is the one Thanksgiving game I […]

2010 NFL Week 10 Beatpath Graph

Time for the Week 10 Beatpath Graph! The picks were 6-8 last week – we’ve had upsets galore this season, and it will be really interesting to look at the record when the season is over. We also have what looks to be a weirdly high number of teams with no beatlosses – all the […]

2010 NFL Week 8 Beatpaths Power Rankings

Hey folks! Kenneth here again with the rankings! Let’s get right into it! As always, you can see the original beatpath graph here. Rank Team Notes Last Week EdgePower 1 (Bye) Ho hum. Another week and the Ravens are still number 1. As long as the Ravens have their beatwin over the Steelers, that’s likely […]