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2009 NFL Week 8 Beatpath Power Rankings

Kenneth here folks, and I want to apologize for this coming up late. There were some issues getting things together this week here at BeatPaths. Nevertheless, let’s go forward with this week’s EXCITING RANKINGS! Rank Team Notes Last Week EdgePower 1 (Beat ATL) What’s most exciting? Well, how does a new top team sound to […]

2009 NFL Week 7 Beatpath Power Rankings

Kenneth here, everybody! I’ll be honest–the reason I start every post with my name is because I love the giant “K” that shows up at the start. I’m sure you’re all very interested. Let’s go to the rankings! Rank Team Notes Last Week EdgePower 1 (Bye) If you’re looking at the graph, right now would […]

2009 NFL Week 3 Beatpath Rankings

Hey all! This is your old pal Kenneth here again, ready to give completely useless commentary on the rankings once again. Site owner ThunderThumbs asked me to help out, but I couldn’t make it the last few weeks, so I’m here now. Let’s get to it! Rank Team Notes Last Week BeatPower 1 (Beat OAK) […]

2009 NFL Week 1 Picks

Hello everyone and welcome back to Beatpaths! We’re getting the first post in, just in the nick of time. We also have an upgraded wordpress installation, we’re on a new server, and I’ll be able to generate the rankings and graphs on the actual server now, rather than on my local system – all of […]

Don’t Open Mac Quickbooks

Totally off topic, but if I prevent data loss for just one person… if you have Quickbooks Pro 2006 or 2007 for the Mac, don’t open it. Don’t launch it. Just don’t. It’ll delete everything from your Desktop. I’ll update this entry when it’s no longer true. Updated: It now is safe to launch Quickbooks […]