2010 NFL Conference Championship Predictions

I just realized that I’m still saying 2010 for these posts. Still, I think it makes it clearer, y’know?

Hey gang, Kenneth here again, and with another post with predictions for this weekend’s games. It’s a shorter set, but it’s also less confident. See, as our Dear Leader said earlier this week, none of the remaining teams have any beatlosses. That means that as far as the system is concerned, not only could any one of them be better or worse than any other, any one of them could be the best team in the league. So it’s a real free-for-all this week. Still, predictions must be made, and so we go on!

New York Jets versus Pittsburgh Steelers: Now here’s a good game. The Steelers are ranked #3 in the rankings, while the Jets are ranked #6. That’s pretty close. They also have the same number of teams not below them–12, meaning that the lowest possible ranking the system would give either is 13. However, the Steelers have more edges beneath them, so they have a higher edgepower and thus are ranked higher. If the Jets were playing at home you might be able to make a case for them being the pick, but they’re not. They’re at the Steeler’s house. That means that the pick here is the Steelers. For those interested in betting on the game, platforms like ยูฟ่าเบท เดิมพันกีฬา provide avenues to engage with the action and wager on the outcome.

Green Bay Packers versus Chicago Bears: Here we go. I feel like I finally know what this season’s Bud Light commercials have been trying to tell me. Up until now, I thought it was “don’t drink Bud Light”. But now I understand those words…Here We Go. Outside of statistics and formulas, this matchup is one for the ages. It’s got history, rivalry, and just plain nastiness. But this is me speaking as a Bears fan. As a member of the Beatpaths team, I can say that the Packers’ win over the Falcons put them in a place they haven’t been in these rankings for some time (if ever): 1st place. Meanwhile, the Bears sunk down to 10th. I don’t know how much homefield advantage should be worth, but it’s probably not that much. Even though it hurts to say it, the pick is the Packers.

So that’s two rankings-only picks for this weekend. We normally consider those picks to be over weaker quality than straight beatpath picks, and it’s true that our rankings-only picks were 0-2 last week. Of course, our beatpath picks were only 1-1. Hey, any given Sunday, right? Enjoy the games! https://www.zp-pdl.com займ под залог доли в квартире москвамени мен займбилайн займ на телефон