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NFL 2011 Update through Week 11

Here again with another multi-week update, let’s get the season caught up. Using Edge Power, the records of the rankings since week six have been as follows: Week 7: 6-7 (last season: 8-6) Week 8: 8-5 (last season: 6-7) Week 9: 4-10 (last season: 8-5) Week 10: 4-12 (last season: 6-8) Week 11: 8-6 (last […]

Monster Update – through week 6

Well, what can I say. Real life happens. I can’t promise the updates will be as regular this season, but here’s some information on the first part of this season. Using Edge Power, the rankings so far this season have been as follows: Week 1: 6-10 (last season: 6-10) Week 2: 9-7 (last season: 10-6) […]

2011 NFL Season

Well, once again the season has snuck up on me, but that’s okay since the first two weeks of the season always lead to fairly boring graphs. And with the start of the season comes my call for volunteers! I should be able to post the weekly graphs, but there’s definitely room for more contributors. […]

2010 NFL Conference Round Beatpaths Power Rankings

Hey folks! Kenneth here with the rankings going into the Super Bowl! I know you’re all excited to hear who’s ranked where going into the big game, so let’s get to it! But first…for the ease of glory/ridicule, let’s put the official pick right up here. And believe me–it’s a close one. Neither the Packers […]

2010 NFL Conference Round Beatpath Graph

Believe it or not, we correctly picked both games in the conference round, for a 2-0 record. We’re left with one of the nicest beatpath graph/rankings in recent memory for this time of year, and the rankings for the super bowl will be very close. How close? We’ll let Kenneth explain that when the rankings […]

2010 NFL Conference Championship Predictions

I just realized that I’m still saying 2010 for these posts. Still, I think it makes it clearer, y’know? Hey gang, Kenneth here again, and with another post with predictions for this weekend’s games. It’s a shorter set, but it’s also less confident. See, as our Dear Leader said earlier this week, none of the […]