Reviews And Quotes

Reviews and Quotes

I’m not smart enough to have any idea what Beatpaths is talking about, but its conclusions come close enough to my own totally subjective ideas about who’s good and who isn’t that I can only say: It’s brilliant! When the rankings don’t agree with my biases, I’ll say it’s stoopid. – King Kaufman, sports columnist at

As to the Beatpaths, that site is hilarious! The graphs are fun and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were completely made up. – Fresho-Electro, some letter-writer over at

gently caress beatpath, why the gently caress are the Packers lower than the Browns and the Cardinals? – OSheaman at, commenting lovingly about

Those are the most retarded loving rankings ever. – redscare at

These rankings are the most ridiculous things ever. – Seels at

Not that I’m saying it doesn’t, at first glance, look completely ridiculous. Trust me it sorts itself out. – Badfinger at, defending from the scurrilous charges of being loving and ridiculous.

It really is a lovely Power Ranking though. – müse at

It’s a neat system, and I’m really looking forward to follow it over the course of the season. – twxabfn at

That ranking system is actually pretty reasonable especially as objective power ranking systems go. Nice. HajiShirazu at