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2010 NFL Conference Round Beatpaths Power Rankings

Hey folks! Kenneth here with the rankings going into the Super Bowl! I know you’re all excited to hear who’s ranked where going into the big game, so let’s get to it! But first…for the ease of glory/ridicule, let’s put the official pick right up here. And believe me–it’s a close one. Neither the Packers […]

2010 NFL Conference Championship Predictions

I just realized that I’m still saying 2010 for these posts. Still, I think it makes it clearer, y’know? Hey gang, Kenneth here again, and with another post with predictions for this weekend’s games. It’s a shorter set, but it’s also less confident. See, as our Dear Leader said earlier this week, none of the […]

2010 NFL Playoff Divisional Round Predictions

Hey all! I thought that the rankings were getting a bit crowded, so I decided to split out this weekend’s predictions into it’s own post. I didn’t go over it last week, so here’s the methodology if it wasn’t clear: 1.) If one team has a beatpath to its opponent, pick them 2.) Otherwise, pick […]

2010 NFL Wildcard Beatpaths Power Rankings

Evening folks! Kenneth here, with some more rankings for you! Last weekend was pretty entertaining, huh? We got a lot of fun games, and KC-BAL :). Hopefully this weekend will prove as entertaining. But let’s get to the rankings! You can see the graph for this week here. Rank Team Notes Last Week EdgePower 1 […]

2010 NFL Week 17 Beatpaths Power Rankings

Evening…er, morning…er, whatever, folks! Kenneth here, with another set of rankings. I decided to finish off these rankings before this weekend’s games, so let’s not delay with pleasantries! Instead, let’s go over something more significant–the Beatpaths predictions for this week’s playoff games! New York Jets versus Indianapolis: There’s no beatpath here. But Indianapolis is ranked […]

2010 NFL Week 16 Beatpaths Power Rankings

Hello again folks, and welcome to a shockingly on time version of the Beatpaths rankings! That’s right, the relative calm of the week between Christmas and New Year’s has let me hit this small window between the delayed Tuesday game and the Thursday Night game. And…wait, what do you mean there’s no Thursday night game […]

2010 NFL Week 15 Beatpaths Power Rankings

Hello folks! Welcome to another week of Beatpath Rankings! Like our site’s proprietor, I have to apologize for being late. It’s the holidays, you know. As usual, I am writing these rankings up with no idea what happened in Thursday’s game. Honestly, I forgot that there was a game on Thursday. And that it was […]

2010 NFL Week 14 Beatpaths Power Rankings

Hey all! This is Kenneth here with more rankings! I apologize for the delay; given the holidays, work, and classes, I wasn’t able to get these out last night. So just pretend you don’t know who won in SF-SD; I know I don’t. In any case, there’s a lot going on this week…big changes in […]